About B.U.P.

Hello, thank you very much for taking the time to read about how B.U.P. (BarelyUsedPussy) handles it’s content and affiliate offers.
We would like to be open about the offers we present on our site, where they come from and where they lead to.

On this site we use symbols to let you know what kind of content you’re looking at.

♥ means videos. ▲▼ means advertising.

With these symbols you are able to quickly find what you want.

Our Affiliate Partners

At this moment B.U.P. works with two companies that provide advertising content.


CrackRevenue offers a variety of custom made content in niches that are selected by B.U.P.
The majority of links are connected to live feeds from cam girls on the platform MyFreeCams.

On MyFreeCams you can create a free of charge account and chat with the cam girls that are listed.
If you are interested in more options you can buy tokens.
How MyFreeCams works in detail you can read here.

B.U.P. does not get paid if you create an account with MyFreeCams.
The only moment we get a small fee is when you create an account via a B.U.P. ad and buy/use tokens.

Other featured links lead to The Porn Study (PornSurvey) here you will be asked a few questions about your preferences.
After that the site makes you some free offers based on your interest.
These links most of the time lead to sites Like:

  • FILF a family taboo porn site with exlusive 4K content.
  • Punish Tube a tube site with some heavy content.
  • Fuckbook a sex date site.
  • NarcosXXX as we see it, the best adult game around at this moment.
  • MyFreeCams which we already discussed.
  • StepLesbians one of the most horny young lesbian sites around.

B.U.P. also advertises the above mentioned sites separately.

Although B.U.P. has good connections and experiences with these sites B.U.P. is not responsible for their content and  practices.
It is up to you to decide if you like to act on these offers.


Chaturbate is one of the leading live cam sites in the business today.
Their site offers literally everything you can imagine from 18 year old girls to really old men, transsexuals, couples etc.
You can create a free of charge account and watch and chat with the models online.
One of the fun extras is that you can interact, tease the models with a.o. OhMiBod App Controlled Vibrators or Lovense Lush Bullet Vibrators.
In order to activate these options you do need to buy tokens.

Again B.U.P. does not get paid if you create an account with Chaturbate.
The only moment we get a small fee is when you create an account via a B.U.P. ad and buy/use tokens.

Video Content

The video content B.U.P. provides comes from 4 different sources.
We work together with some of the best porn sites around:

All the niches and it’s content on B.U.P. are customized and selected manually.
After this is done we automate the niche for new video updates.
At this moment we ad a total of 50 new videos every day to 309 niches.
And at the time of this writing 11-06-2018 B.U.P. hosts more than 9.360 videos.

What B.U.P. gets out of this

Believe it or not but this site does not generate enough income to even cover it hosting bills.
Tell you what… it doesn’t even cover the costs of the coffee I drink.
So I guess you can say that it’s mainly charity and that I must love porn a lot… and I do.

Of course B.U.P. is still wearing diapers (born:29th Jun 2018) but hopefully she wil grow into a big girl one day and stand on her own two feet.
If you like you can always help a bit, she could definitely use a friendly sugar daddy.
You can make an anonymous donation if you like, we really appreciate that, even if you only donate the price of a cup of coffee.
If you decide to donate you wil receive a nice little gift from our staff.

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[notice!] PornDelicious is hosted by CreativeApproach. If you donate this is also the name that shows up.

B.U.P. is a.o. secured by Comodo Secure so you don’t have to worry about your safety.
If you would like to know what else G.P.P. does to keep you save and anonymous reed our privacy policy


That’s it dear people I think this page covers everything there is to know about B.U.P.
So no secrets here only hard work and hopefully you enjoy our efforts.
If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

We wish you a perfect and horny day.

Mitch Pleasure – webmaster